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2017 Brainerd Fishing Guide Report


The crappies have been biting on Gull Lake. The backwater areas have been the best. We are catching most of our crappies with small jigs and bobbers.

2016 Brainerd Fishing Guide Report


The leaves are starting to turn color. The windy weather has been good for the walleye bite. Most days on Gull Lake have been very good for walleye and walleye fishermen. The bass continue to hit as well.


We had the best bass fishing of the year this past week. We fished a variety of area lakes. The least we caught was 40 in a half day. The most was 92. The people caught the fish! Many quality fish, bass and northern, were caught - with lots of excitement and lots of photos of great fish! All of these fish were caught on jig worms and every fish was released! Walleyes continue to do well on Gull Lake. Sunfish are doing very well in the south end of Gull Lake.


The fishing is as hot as the weather! The catch and release bass fishing has been dominating. The key is our constant changing of lakes. The bite remained excellent. Muskie fishing is also excellent, with many fish spotted. Last week a client landed a 48" musky on an evening trip. One afternoon five fish and a young fellow lose a beauty that jumped and tossed the lure. Another fish spotted was in excess of 5o inches. All muskies and northern are caught and released. Graphite reproductions are the order of the day!


We had a great week. Chris caught and released a 4 1/2 lb. bass on Secret Lake # 13. Two days earlier young Derek caught and released several nice bass on Secret Lake # 1. Earlier in the week on an all day trip we caught near 80 bass and several different lakes including Gull Lake. Northland Tackle's Slurpee on a jig remains the hot lure on all area lakes. Have fun fishing,


The jig worm combo was on fire this last week on Gull Lake, not only for bass, but weed line walleyes as well. We caught a 30" walleye on one in steamboat bay on Gull on June 14 th - what a great fish and a great fight. On June 19th, we caught a 30 1/2" walleye on jig worm in Wilson Bay on Gull. What a fish - what a fight - what a week. This last week was dominated by bass, fantastic action on Northland jigs and Slurpies, what fun, lots of action, lots of excitement mostly on Gull Lake.


Bass fishing has is nothing short of fabulous. Plastic worms and jigs have been the ticket. It's so good you almost need to hide behind a tree to rig up! One of our guides took our first muskie trip of the year and the client caught a 45 incher! What fun!! Let there be no mistake the rock bass are running. Gull Lake remains a world class rock bass fishery! Walleyes on Mille Lacs continue to be going strong on the flats. The smallmouth action is even better.


Great time of the year, all the big 3 are hitting northern, bass and walleyes. Water temp is generally in the high 60's. Bass are taking the honors, Saturday with my son and grandchildren we caught 55 bass in 2 1/2 hours. It was cloudy with a light wind on a fabulous Brainerd area lake. Sunfish are also starting to hit in the shallows, look for excellent fishing on Gull Lake this month.


Walleye fishing on gull Lake is still productive on the weed line with a jig and minnow or Lindy Rig with a minnow or leech. Look to Mille Lacs for a great evening bite using split bobbers and leeches. Bass fishing has been as hot as the weather on all area lakes, using whatever your favorite lure may be. Bass have been in shallow water 2-8 feet, look for both crappie and sunfish in that same depth.


The recent hot weather and many calm days have produced a lot of great crappie fishing on Gull Lake. The bass opener is coming this weekend. There should be good shallow water action on both the north and south ends of Gull Lake. The walleyes have been scattered on Gull Lake. Some very nice sized walleyes have been taken on Lindy Rigs with leeches or rainbows in deep water.

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