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Royal has been a Mille Lacs Lake fishing guide for 40 some years. The department of fisheries started stocking Mille Lacs Lake with muskies in the 1970's. Since then Mille Lacs Lake produces plenty of trophy muskies. Many Brainerd fishing guides expect the next state record to come from Mille Lacs Lake.

Smallmouth Bass Explosion!

The smallmouth bass population on Mille Lacs has exploded over the last five years. It is now considered world class. Fishermen are driving thousands of miles to experience this great fishery. Catching 30 to 40 smallmouth bass, 18 to 22 inches, has now become common place on this great fishery. Brainerd fishing guides expect this bass fishery to only improve. Pint for pound, there is no stronger fish in freshwater for its size.

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Muskie & Northern Pike

Mille Lacs is one of the best Muskie lakes in Minnesota. Royal's largest muskie on the lake was 50 1/2 inches. This fish was released! Mille Lacs is also home to the largest sized northern pike in our area. Many of Royal's clients look at them as a bonus fish. Northern pike are aggressive and readily strike most popular muskie lures. Royal's largest northern pike from Mille Lacs was 22 1/2 pounds. It had a length of 42 1/2 inches. Big northern and muskie are a trophy fish. Fiberglass reproductions are done so life like it is not necessary to take fish home. All trophy fish should be released so generations to come can experience their raw power.

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Big predator fish, like muskie and pike, are tough to find if you don't know where to look. Royal knows just where to find them. Mille Lacs muskies relate to the weed beds for much of the summer. In fall fishing rocks can be very effective. Mille Lacs has a healthy population of tullibees. Muskie which feed on them become heavy, thick, and deep bodied fish. Royal's favorite lures are buck-tails and surface lures. Jerk baits and crank baits are also effective. Most of Royal's musky fishing is casting but occasionally he will troll. Royal supplies all rods, reels, and lures but clients are free to use their own equipment if they like.

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