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Musky fishing in Minnesota is one of the best experiences freshwater anglers will ever have. Mille Lacs Lake and Lake Alexander are top musky lakes in the Brainerd Lakes area. Both of these lakes have produced excellent musky results for Brainerd fishing guides in recent years. The majority of the fish are in the 25 to 30 pound class but everybody is always waiting for the big one! Royal likes to remind anglers that big musky are very old. It takes a 30 pound musky anywhere from 14 to 17 years to reach that size. Most Brainerd fishing guides practice 100% catch and release on musky for this reason. It preserves the fish and still allows you to have the fun.

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Brainerd Muskie Fishing Guide

Musky fishing is both challenging and thrilling. Musky are some of the most elusive fish in the state. They prefer to hide in shallow waters. Sometimes we fish water as shallow as three feet deep! This is an amazing experience as you look down in the clear water and see musky swimming or resting below you. I normally use traditional lures, Bucktails, surface plugs and crank baits when we go musky fishing in Minnesota. Musky are native to only a few lakes in Minnesota. The majority of the musky in the Brainerd Lakes area have been stocked. Few Brainerd fishing guides fished these elussive creaters before the 1970's. With the expection of the Mississippi River, few bodies of water contained these amazing fish.

Brainerd Pike Fishing Guide

Gull lake is one of the most popular fishing lakes in Minnesota. The lake has an excellent bass population. Royal, like most Brainerd fishing guides, is always seeking the next hot bite when fishing with clients. Gull Lake's vast size and its multiple fish species almost guarantee clients will catch fish. This makes Gull Lake popular with Brainerd fishing guides and anglers alike. Largemouth bass are the target on many of Royal's guided fishing trips are on Gull Lake. The bass fishing on Gull Lake is excellent from mid-June to mid-September.

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Brainerd Fishing Guide Tips

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